EEPlus Ltd. is an Architectural Design and Building Information Modelling Consultancy Firm, who are committed to staying at the forefront of this growing trend in virtual construction and design. Our clients come from around the globe, including some of the most modern and artistic designs found worldwide.

The benefits of our Consultancy Services go far beyond creating designs or lifelike 3D virtual plans and presentation. Our designs and consultations are easily adaptable and allow for full scale and function. They are crafted with laser-like precision and accuracy and result in multiple time and money saving benefits—both Pre and Post Construction.

The growing trend in BIM (Building Information Modelling) Technology has everyone, from UK homeowners to Commercial Construction Agencies, Stakeholders, and Architecture Engineering Construction professionals, turning to our innovative services.

Our implementation concepts work side by side on all our projects from Design to Consultation. On top of that, we are passionate about what we do!

If you are searching for a Consultant, who can provide you with a clear concept and shared vision—look no further than EEPlus Ltd.

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Without a doubt, BIM (Building Information Modelling) is transforming the AEC & FM sector. At EEPlus, we are proud to be at the forefront of this evolution in Design and Construction.

We see BIM (Building Information Modelling) as a collaborative tool that improves communication, accuracy, and efficiency. Our integrated solutions can be utilised at all stages in the Design and Construction process, and are intended to be user-friendly, clear, and simple.

Our goal is to explore more than just your Design and Construction needs, but also to respect and blend-in the abstract and cultural qualities each project must represent and respect.

With each consultation we create a clear and comprehensive concept for your project, so that you can easily pinpoint how our BIM (Building Information Modelling) solutions will help to save both time and money.

We offer free consultations to help you get started.

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What is BIM ?

BIM (Building Information Modeling) is one of the largest growing trends in both global and local construction. In fact, the UK Government encourages BIM to be utilised for all projects large and small. For those unfamiliar with BIM (Building Information Modeling), it is a fully functional digital representation of each design. This goes beyond providing physical characteristics of a design, but also includes 3D model of both the interior and exterior, moving parts, and all design and technical specifications. From concept, to life-cycle, and even to demolition—our digital models can be fully analysed so you can test, revise, and fine-tune each project before it gets underway. This allows you to reduce error and risk on both the technical and construction side of each project.


Why use BIM?

BIM (Building Information Modeling) provides an invaluable time saving, cost saving, and energy saving solution. We help you build a more efficient and effective building. Our designs have laser-like accuracy and precision, which allows you to avoid design alterations and unexpected complications along the way.  

BIM (Building Information Modeling) success rates show that this innovative new technology will soon replace CAD-based designs throughout the entire Architecture Engineering Construction sector. Due to the array of benefits offered, our clients see BIM (Building Information Modelling) as an integral and invaluable part of their construction projects.  

Together we can help you deliver better buildings, without sacrificing design. We can help you to build your projects faster and more efficiently, all while cutting costs. The data we provide can even be used to avoid design alterations, reduce risk—and to generate cost saving long-term building maintenance plans.  

Our goal is to resolve all design and operational problems before/after construction and also during a building life cycle.  

More information and prime source for BIM related materials can be found on the BIMTaskGroups, the body set up by the Government after its 'Government Construction Strategy' was published by the Cabinet Office on 31 May 2011. And Government Strategy on BIM Level 3 can be found on Digital Built Britain.